16th Feb2012

3rd place competition

by dhna
Southeast Learning Community Grade 4

Alan Avila

One of Dolphin Heights after school students competed in a math competition with 150 other schools in DISD.

Southeast Learning Community Grade 4, 3rd place winner!!!

“Congratulations ALAN from the after school family and Ms. Hill”

23rd Dec2011


by dhna
After School arts & crafts

"The Christmas Tree" Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year !


04th Nov2011

Lakehill Prepartory School

by dhna

To the upcoming class of 2014 at Lakehill Prepartory School “THANK YOU” for all the wonderful and helpful books.

From Dolphin Heights After school students.

14th Mar2011

First day of spring-break

by dhna
At the World Aquarium!!!

Ms. Laura & Kids

Just admiring the many beautiful animals. What a great way to begin spring break…

14th Mar2011

Dolphin Heights After-School Students go on spring break

by dhna


" At the Dallas World Aquarium "

First day of Spring Break!

" At the Dallas World Aquarium "

First day of Spring Break!

Appreciation to a group of middle school kids who decided to raise funds for the kids in Dolphin Heights After school classes to spend the first morning of Spring Break at the “Dallas World Aquarium”.  Everyone had a great time. It was amazing!!!

To the students who thought of others instead of receiving birthday gifts We at Dolphin Heights after school class thank you and we will always be friends.

03rd Feb2011

A Unique Young Individual

by dhna

There is a lot to be praised about the youth of today.  They have so many obstacles facing them in todays world.  It makes one wonder How one could take time to volunteer and help someone else learn their abc’s or math or just be a mentor.

This young person has been doing volunteer tutoring with Pre-K and Elementary children in an after-school program located in a minority neighborhood.

While helping the children with their home-work he saw the need to help.

His birthday was approaching soon and he had plans for a birthday party.  This young individual took upon himself to ask his friends to give a gift to the  after school program instead of him receiving gifts.

He  came in all smiles and walked up to Ms. Hill and gave her an envelope saying, ” this is for the kids “.

This young man and his young friends shared a love and understanding of giving back to a community and helping the best way they knew how. the envelope had $130.00 inside to be used for after-school necessities.

From Ms. Hill and the kids we say to “Noah”  “Thank You”

23rd Dec2010

Dolphin Heights After-school Christmas 2010!!!

by dhna

As Christmas Eve approaches, eyes are wide and searching to see if there is any meaning to the word “Santa Claus”.

Children  that attend the after school classes in Dolphin Heights pretty much believe there is no Santa.  Ms Hill is right there asking questions and convincing everyone there is such a person.

Today she pretty much proved her beliefs to her own surprise! As she was looking over items in  world market she began conversing with a very cheerful person.  The more they talked he began to divulge who he was. To everyone’s knowledge in the store he is one of Santa’s Helpers.  He looked at Ms Hill and said “YOU’D BETTER WATCH OUT!, SANTA IS WATCHING YOU”.  Ms Hill laughed and said “FOR REAL?” He handed her a card to validate his identity. When he found out what Ms Hill was doing he gave her more toys  and told her where to get them.  Thank God for Santa’s Helpers!

All of Dolphin Heights After School Students Extend “A Merry Christmas and a very warm Thank you!!!


17th Dec2010

Dolphin Heights After-school Christmas Break!!!

by dhna

As the holidays approach and DISD closes for Christmas break so does our after-school classes.  But not without an early birthday celebration and letters to Santa. Great appreciation to Woodrow Wilson High School Students who volunteered to help the younger children with their homework, show them how to create their own ideas, play games and sports or just hang out on the “cool” playground and listen to them.  As they wrote letters to Santa some of them mumbled, will I get what I asked for? while others were excited.

December 16Th was our last day.  We helped two 4Th graders with their homework while others scurried around getting ready for the festivities. Of course, Ms. Hill (founder) baked a combination Birthday and Christmas cake for all to enjoy! Yes home baked from her own private oven. While the children were busy making gingerbread houses volunteers hurried to get the gifts, cake and cookies in place. Festive tablecloths revealing Christmas decor such as Santa, snowmen, holly and evergreen covered the tables.  Mrs Hill escorted Young Nelson Gomez to the table where the refreshments were looking surprised “a cake for me” thank you, but I am 13. Sorry Ms Hill responded but we can still eat it right? Yes responded Nelson. Everyone stood around and sang “Happy Birthday” to Nelson.

Then appeared gifts underneath the Christmas Tree, names were called and everyone was running around opening boxes and tearing gift wrapping paper.  Yes everyone got pretty close to what was requested.

From Dolphin Heights and our after-school classes.

we wish you a MERRY  CHRISTMAS!!!

05th Mar2010

In Our Garden…

by dhna

The Dolphin Heights Community Garden was founded about 1 year ago on a vacant lot on Silver Ave by community residents. It is a place that all residents can gather to grow fruits and vegetables and enjoy beautiful open space in Dolphin Heights.

The garden is also being used as a learning tool for the kids in the Dolphin Heights After School Program (ASP). Right now we are learning about plant growth and deciding which types of fruits and vegetables we can grow this summer.

As always, we need your help! Ready to grow your own berries for breakfast? Tomatoes for the best salsa in town? We welcome you to join us! For more information please contact us.

Anisha Steephen, Dolphin Heights Community Coordinator

01st Mar2010

Happy Birthday Nazli!

by dhna

Happy Birthday to After School Program (ASP) student Nazli who turned 6 years old last week!

To celebrate this special day, Ms. Hill surprised Nazli with a delicious homemade confetti cake and a card signed by all the other students in ASP. Nazli is a regular attendee of the After School Program and Dolphin Heights Cub Scouts and we are so lucky to see her every afternoon. She is a fantastic artist and reader who loves to pick books from our library to read to her mom.

Thanks for being part of our community and sharing this milestone with us Nazli!

Anisha Steephen, Dolphin Heights Community Coordinator