06th May2012

Circle Ten “Troop 824” THANK YOU!!! :)

by dhna

Thank you to Dolphin Heights own scout troop 824 for weeding one our flower beds on Terrell avenue…Shout out to all of you that came out.

Ms. Hill

16th Feb2012

Troop # 824

by dhna

Boy Scouts and cub scouts receiving their awards!

06th May2011

Dolphin Heights’ Troop 824 scouts!

by dhna

Circle Ten , Troop #824Congratulations to Nelson and Emmanuel!  Their handmade boats won first place in the boat races at an event for the Circle Ten group of the Boy Scouts of America.


Know that I am proud of you all!!!

Ms. Hill

13th Mar2011

Way to go Brayam

by dhna

"Brayam's catch" Yeahhhh!!! another troop from 824 got his catch. and earned his Trailblazer patch.

Fun, Fun just hanging out and having fun!

13th Mar2011

Another fun day at Clements Lake

by dhna

"Alan's catch" Alan finally got his “fish” way to go Alan and he also earned his trailblazer patch.

13th Mar2011

A Fun Day in Athens Texas

by dhna
"Going on a fun day with Circle ten Boy Scouts of America"

Cubs to boy scouts will come together for a big "Fun Day" in Athens Texas

Ms. Hill and troop 824 joined with other scout groups from across Texas to experience a “fun day” and earn their patches for completing activities such as archery, fishing and BB-Gun activity.

Everyone earned and received their  “Trailblazer Adventure Patch”.

A great big “Thanks of Appreciation” to Mr & Mrs David Payne along with Mr. Tim Fuller for organizing and getting us all safely to our destination.

Our greatest Appreciation goes to an individual who remains anonymous but will know who they are when they read this.  “THANKS FOR CARING”

24th Feb2010

Troop #824 Marches in MLK Day Parade

by dhna

I am proud to say this was the best Martin Luther King Day parade in Dallas in twenty-four years—an honor to his memory! Martin Luther King Boulevard was crowded from start to finish, and the celebration continued well into Fair Park. I am so proud of Cub Scout Troop #824, a group of boys and girls that includes children from the Dolphin Heights neighborhood. Even some parents were marching with their children!

We need to support the Boy Scouts of America for setting good examples for our children, and we all need to find creative ways to encourage the youth to participate. Standing on the crowded sidewalks, I could hear people whispering to each other: “Look at the little babies, kids, and youth—they are marching in remembrance of Dr. King. We need more children involved.”

You know my chest was sticking out proudly, saying: that’s my scout group from Dolphin Heights! So, take a good look in Dolphin Heights. We are encouraging our youth, big and small, to come together and join the ROTC, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts. All of these programs help make better adults. After all, they are our future.

It’s up to us.

Anna Hill, Dolphin Heights Neighborhood Association President