24th Feb2010

After School Volunteers Needed!

by dhna

This spring, the After School Program (ASP) kicked off on January 25, 2010, maintaining its usual Monday-Thursday, 3:30pm – 5:30pm, schedule. The program has gone through some changes so that we can increase individual attention given to each child’s academic needs and also to organize fun activities. Hopefully, this will make time spent at ASP more valuable for both our students and volunteers!

To help us achieve this goal we need additional funding and volunteers. Volunteers are the backbone of the ASP and help keep the Dolphin Heights neighborhood kids socially and academically engaged every afternoon.  While homework help is our primary focus, volunteers also help our students play soccer, draw superheroes, and celebrate birthdays.  We welcome enthusiastic, responsible, and positive students and adults to join our community!  Each volunteer must commit to at least one afternoon each week throughout the upcoming academic semester. If you would like to help the program but are unable to volunteer, you can also assist by contributing with donations: art supplies, writing utensils, construction paper, coloring books, etc. We look forward to having you!

Anisha Steephen, Dolphin Heights Community Coordinator

24th Feb2010

Troop #824 Marches in MLK Day Parade

by dhna

I am proud to say this was the best Martin Luther King Day parade in Dallas in twenty-four years—an honor to his memory! Martin Luther King Boulevard was crowded from start to finish, and the celebration continued well into Fair Park. I am so proud of Cub Scout Troop #824, a group of boys and girls that includes children from the Dolphin Heights neighborhood. Even some parents were marching with their children!

We need to support the Boy Scouts of America for setting good examples for our children, and we all need to find creative ways to encourage the youth to participate. Standing on the crowded sidewalks, I could hear people whispering to each other: “Look at the little babies, kids, and youth—they are marching in remembrance of Dr. King. We need more children involved.”

You know my chest was sticking out proudly, saying: that’s my scout group from Dolphin Heights! So, take a good look in Dolphin Heights. We are encouraging our youth, big and small, to come together and join the ROTC, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts. All of these programs help make better adults. After all, they are our future.

It’s up to us.

Anna Hill, Dolphin Heights Neighborhood Association President

15th Feb2010

Dolphin Heights Census Day- March 27th

by dhna

Dolphin Heights Census 2010 day on Saturday March 27, 2010! On that day we will be going door-to-door to talk with the residents in our community and the surrounding areas to encourage our neighbors to complete and turn in their Census 2010 information card. This may seem like a small act but it will help us with our goal for complete Census participation from the Dolphin Heights area. As an organization seeking to revitalize our own neighborhood, we encourage Census 2010 participation because the information collected will dictate future infrastructure, education, and social services in our community.