16th Jul2010

Supreme Beans

by dhna

The kids in the Dolphin Heights Rainbow Junction Summer Reading Program have done a lot of well, reading,  this summer — all 23 students are reading between 5-10 books each week!! To reward them for their fantastic work and keep them interested and engaged in the  larger community, we are also including some other fun activities into the mix.

A couple weeks ago each child planted some lima bean seeds in little plastic cups in the Belay house. Together, we watched as little green stems poked out from the soil and roots began to sprout.

Lima bean seedlings in the Belay House photo by Anisha Steephen

When the seedlings got big enough, we walked across the street and planted our bean plants in the Dolphin Heights Community Garden. Each child dug a hole and transplanted their seeds with the help of Garden Overseer Willie Hart. The kids had a blast and stop into the garden every week to check on their plants!

Students and their lima bean seedlings in the Dolphin Heights Community Garden photo by Ruth Park

Juan planting his lima bean plant photo by Ruth Park

We’re doing black-eyed peas next so check back for more updates!

Anisha Steephen, Dolphin Heights Community Coordinator

15th Jul2010

Happy Birthday Ms. Hill!

by dhna

Our fearless Dolphin Heights Neighborhood Association President celebrated her 70th birthday on June 25th! The kids in the Rainbow Junction Summer Reading Program threw a little party for her and boy was she surprised! They decorated the Belay House with pink and blue streamers , lots of balloons, and drew an awesome poster for Ms. Hill. We were also lucky to be  joined by the fabulous bcWORKSHOP crew who helped us celebrate and devour a delicious cake!

Happy Birthday again Ms. Hill and thanks for all that you do!

Anisha Steephen, Dolphin Heights Community Coordinator