27th Oct2010

Dolphin Heights Neighborhood Association President

by dhna

Dolphin Height's President receives Award

Ms. Hill humbly accepted The 2010 Local Hero Award,”Neighborhood Excellence Initiative” from Bank of America honoring her community services. The working luncheon was held at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, TX. On October 21, 2010.   Quote by Ms. Hill, ” this is a humbling experience for me”.  Ms. Hill spoke to 300 guest and summarized her community and the work she does voluntarily “just because”. She also accepted  a honorarium check in the amount of $5000.00 dollars to give to the charity of choice.  She honored East Dallas Community Organization for the work they are and have done in her community by handing the check to Mr. Gerald Carlton, CEO.  Ms. Hill received her first award from Foundation for Community Empowerment, Don Williams, CEO in the year of 2007 honoring her persistence in fighting crime and improving her neighborhood, “Let Justice Roll on”. Asked how she feels going up against obstacles; ” I Pray and ask God for guidance and then with his shield to protect me I keep going on”.

01st Oct2010

Update on our Leader

by dhna

Dolphin Heights' President to receive "The Local Hero's Award"

Anna Hill, president of  Dolphin Heights Neighborhood Association will receive The Local Hero’s Award from Bank of America on October 21, 2010.  The ceremony will be held at the Cowboy Stadium.

Kudos to Ms. Hill !