15th Nov2010


by dhna

Dolphin Heights Community has a sustainable community garden that produced watermelon, cantaloupe, veggies and bumper crops of two varieties of eggplants, hot and mild peppers and herbs this summer.  The fall crops consists of a variety of greens such as turnip, mustard, and collard even some greens that has no name but quite peppery and great in salads.  Yes Garlic and a few onion s are coming back.

What we need is volunteers from the community and about town to come give 1-hour of time weeding, planting, raking leaves or turning compost in return you get whatever is producing FREE to take with you.

For more information contact us: 214-823-5576

11th Nov2010

Dolphin Heights Street Toppers are up!

by dhna

The City of Dallas completed installation of the street toppers within the area of Dolphin Heights.  These markers identify the boundaries of the community.

This is the First phase of the “LMC” initiative, the second phase will initiate installing wrought iron benches, planting crepe myrtles to create a space for meditation and leisure on one of the medians located on Terrell Avenue.

11th Nov2010

Progress in Dolphin Heights

by dhna

Progress in Dolphin HeightsFour years of paperwork, planning and speaking and working together as a Team, this community is looking at a bright reviving future. It’s been forty years since anyone has seen this much work going on.

Thank you to all the City planners, city staff and to all the great people that took the time to “listen” to the residents’ wishes.

Thank you to all the construction workers who has bent over backwards to be professional and kind to some of the rudest of people, but, the majority rules and we appreciate all the hard work you are doing.

Every street in the community has been upgraded, leveled and paved, new sewer lines and water lines have been replaced.  Yes to some it is frustrating but to the residents of this community we are grateful to one of it’s major accomplishments to have paved user friendly sidewalks is a Blessing.

Stay tuned……

04th Nov2010

Rainbow Junction Summer Reading Program

by dhna

This program began this year on June 7, 2010.  The program lasted eight weeks, ending July 29,2010.  A total of 29 children between the ages of 4-15 and who live in the immediate area enrolled in the program this summer.  There was an average daily attendance of 15 students.  Lunch was provided daily through Central Dallas Ministries now known as Citysquare, Nurture, Nutrition and Knowledge Program. CitySquare  also provide two volunteer staff members through the Citysquare Americorps neighbor to neighbor Texas Program.

We are looking forward to this coming summer!  For volunteer information please contact the association.