03rd Feb2011

A Unique Young Individual

by dhna

There is a lot to be praised about the youth of today.  They have so many obstacles facing them in todays world.  It makes one wonder How one could take time to volunteer and help someone else learn their abc’s or math or just be a mentor.

This young person has been doing volunteer tutoring with Pre-K and Elementary children in an after-school program located in a minority neighborhood.

While helping the children with their home-work he saw the need to help.

His birthday was approaching soon and he had plans for a birthday party.  This young individual took upon himself to ask his friends to give a gift to the  after school program instead of him receiving gifts.

He  came in all smiles and walked up to Ms. Hill and gave her an envelope saying, ” this is for the kids “.

This young man and his young friends shared a love and understanding of giving back to a community and helping the best way they knew how. the envelope had $130.00 inside to be used for after-school necessities.

From Ms. Hill and the kids we say to “Noah”  “Thank You”