20th Jul2011

Rainbow Junction “field day with Dallas’ finest!

by dhna

July 19, 2011 was a fun filled summer day for the students of dolphin heights’ Rainbow Junction summer reading program.  The neighborhood association and Dallas Police Southeast division organized  time for the students to see first hand some of the equipment our police are responsible for in their daily routine.

They inspected the SWAT vehicle , sat in squad cars, rubbed the horses, experienced being handcuffed and put inside a patrol car.

Among other activities the officers explained how their daily routine day goes and how they all work together as a” TEAM”.

This is a great way to bring education and police-friendly attitudes about our finest protectors.  The students found out there is a human invividual underneath all the armor & weapons and that they have children and families just like their families.

A great relationship was born from this event children not growing up afraid of our men and women in blue.

“Thanks to all of you that helped to put this together for the community.”"A young SWAT TEAM"