23rd Aug2011

Rainbow Junction Summer Highlights 2011 !

by dhna

A total of 30 children including volunteers completed  two months of  fun, reading and plenty of field trips to the fair park, IMAX and The museum of Nature and Science.  They were excited to see the stars and all the planets of the universe and their favorite, pre-historic beasts. They read a total of 525 books, wrote summaries and created presentations to the class. City-Square sponsored and served 538 meals.

Thanks to all that came forth and gave of their time to the summer Program.  We look forward to next Summer.

"2011 Rainbow Junction Summer Reading Program"

Volunteers 2011R J Summer Reading program

"William serving melon from our community garden"Field day to FairPark SOME HIGHLIGHTS!


11th Aug2011

Rainbow Junction Summer 2011 Highlights!

by dhna

"Checking out SWAT PATROL"

"Meet the students"

R J Summer Reading program

"All cuffed ""A little junk snack""Horse Patrol"The Dolphin Heights Neighborhood Associations’ Rainbow Junction Summer Reading Program ended after 8 weeks on July 27th .  In style, our last day was full of excitement and (of course) ice cream and cake.  The kids earned a well deserved “field day of fun” consisting of water ballon games, scavenger hunts, 2-legged races, 2-legged tug of war games etc.  Each child went home happily tugging a sack full of prizes a successful end to a successful hotter than usual summer!

Rainbow Junction continues to excel.  This year we had a total of 30 kids consisting of students and student volunteers ages 4-17.  We served 538 nutritious meals and read a total of 525 books!  We also, planted pepper and vegetable seeds for the children to take home and start their own small gardens, a special visit from the Dallas Police south east division, a visit to the museum of nature and science, and IMAX Theater.

Dolphin Heights should be so proud of all the efforts the kids put into their work and creativity in this community.

Special thanks to Alex (community coordinator) Alexandra and sister, Ms. CC, Carolyn, Kennedy and Bailey, Jesse and Dameon(The boys had fun with you guys), Altrusa volunteers,  A special thanks to Yingxia (traveled from Richardson by rail) to volunteer in DH. Also to Marianne who took special interest in one of our children.  “We would not have been successful if not for you all!!!  “Thank each of you”

Finally, The best of luck to all the kids starting back to school this month-your knowledge and creativity did not go to waste this summer.  I loved every minute , day and I look forward to you this fall with plenty of homework!

Anna Hill, President & CEO , Dolphin Heights Neighborhood Association & programs

Here’s highlights of the summer:

"2011 Rainbow Junction Summer Reading Program"

Volunteers 2011R J Summer Reading program

10th Aug2011

Rainbow Junction Summer Reading Program

by dhna

This is the second year of our summer reading program.  It lasted eight weeks ending July 28,2011.  A total of 30 children and volunteers between the ages of 4-16 who live in the immediate area and surrounding Dallas areas enrolled and  or volunteered in this program this summer.  There was an average daily attendance of 20-25 students/volunteers.  Lunch was provided by City Square Nuture, Nutrition and Knowledge program.  Support was also provided by the Altrusa Foundation of Dallas  providing a summer coordinator and volunteers  throughout the summer.

We look forward to this coming summer!  For volunteer information please contact the association and Volunteermatch.org