21st Mar2012

Terrell Avenue Face Lift!!!

by dhna

"A peek at the end of our St. Patrick's Day of service to Dolphin Heights community""Meditate"EDCO President G. Carlton& District 7 Planning Commissioner A. Bagley"One tree down 31 more to go""Flowers and more Flowers"St. Patrick’s Day was the day chosen to give back to our community.  68 volunteers plus the children came together at 9:00 am, ate breakfast and off to Terrell avenue to begin preparations for planting 32 crepe myrtles and 3 flower beds on a two-block stretch of median.  Holes were dug for the trees and special care was taken to set out flowers all drought resistant for our good ole Texas weather.

Goff burgers , french fries and onion rings filled us at lunch time and off we all went to complete our mission. By 3:00 P. M. Terrell Avenue took on a new face and all the neighbors and volunteers were bursting with pride!!!

Thank you forever to all the benefactors, volunteers, neighbors both far and near, You will always be remembered for spending St. Patrick’s day with Dolphin Heights Community.  “A long awaited change for this street”Thanks David

" The volunteers"

Giving back to community on St. Patrick's Day"The man of the hour"