01st Nov2015

Dolphin Heights Future Area Plans

by dhna

Dolphin Heights neighbors, residents and homeowners have seen change coming in and around the area. We have also been strategically planning and working with city officials, businesses and all that live in the community on what is called a Neighborhood Area Plan for Dolphin Heights. 

Dolphin Heights is one of a few communities in Dallas that does not have an Area Plan – which is used by the city as a guide for what the neighborhood would like to see as projects are proposed to improve or change our neighborhood.

We have gone door to door and also mailed out invitations to residents and property owners inviting participation and feedback on the plan at 8 meetings over the last year and a half. The process has worked well and we are now in the final stages of preparing a document that outlines the plan, based on our input, which will be submitted to the city for review. The plan lays out our main priorities for future development and also highlights specifics projects like the upcoming renovation of Dolphin Road, one of our main streets, which will be improved and widened for better and safer travel. (for both cars AND pedestrians!)

The images below show the summary of the draft which residents and landowners present at the meetings approved to be shared with the City Planning Department. If you have any questions or comments you can contact Ms Anna Hill, DHNA President, and she will put you in touch with Andrew Sturm, the Neighborhood Planner we have worked with. 

More updates and posts to follow


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