About Us

Who We Are

Disgusted with the criminal activity in her neighborhood, Dolphin Heights resident Anna Hill organized the Dolphin Heights Neighborhood Association as ¬†crime watch group in 2004 with the help of Evelyn Parris from the Dallas Police Department of Community Affairs and Dallas Leadership Foundation’s Will McCall and Al Smalley. The first meeting consisted of two residents but DHNA has grown into an group of over 30 families working together to achieve our vision of a crime, drug, and gang free Dolphin Heights.

Our purpose is to act as a community connection that will: revitalize our neighborhood, instill a strong sense of community pride and togetherness, seek a higher standard of safety, and promote leadership and education.

What We Do

We promote and participate in neighborhood improvement projects.

We partner with developers to build new housing, commercial facilities, and green space in the neighborhood and also improve our existing housing.

We support and promote actions by city, state and federal governments that will enhance the quality of the neighbohood.

We communicate with government, businesses, and law enforcement to promote the safety of the community through crime watch programs.

We join with other organizations and neighborhood associations to support our goals.

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