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For more information about any programs, services, volunteer opportunities, and/or general questions, please feel free to contact:

Anna Hill, Dolphin Heights Neighborhood Association President

(214) 823-5576 or 214-681-4390

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  • Dear Ms. Hill,

    Kerry Goodwin from state Rep. Johnson’s office sent me an email about your organization saying that you could use some children’s books. Thought it would be best to check with you directly to see what you are working on and what you need.

    Good luck,
    John, Lucky Dog Books. Paperbacks Plus

  • dhna

    Thank you John, the books are amazing, I hope to meet you in person soon.

  • Lauren Hastings

    Hi Ms. Hill,

    I am currently working on a Spring Break outreach with a few local churches and am putting together some opportunities for then and was wanting to now if y’all had anything during that time (12th-14th) as well as the location of the services.

    Thank you so much fro all you do,
    Lauren Hastings

  • dhna

    Thank You, as of now I am looking at March 12, 2014 working in our community garden planting and pruning.
    will follow up with you the latter of this month, hopefully by the 17thth.
    thanks again for your support
    Ms. Hill

  • Alva Lipscomb

    Thank you Ms. Anna Hill for the greens and rosemary. I will certainly be coming back to purchase more. The greens are going to be on the table Thanksgiving Dinner!

  • Ms. Alva thank you for stopping by. the funds will be used to benefit the garden. As I said stop by anytime, and feel free to get rosemary over the fence:-)
    Thanks again.

  • Good morning my name is Leonard L. Johnson Pastor of Progressive Baptist Church in the Dolphin Heights Neighborhood. Are you having an event today? If so we would like to come out and support the community. We would like to help you help the neighborhood. Thanks,

    Pastor J

  • Good Afternoon,
    Pastor Johnson, it was a pleasure to visit our website and discover your comments. Yes we need all the help and interest we can get in our n’Hood. We will have a community meeting October 22, at 4830 Silver Avenue(little white house with green trim at the playground)
    the meeting begans at 11am to 12:30pm Hopefully you can attend.
    Looking forward to meeting you.
    Anna Hill, President

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