13th Mar2011
"Alan's catch"

Another fun day at Clements Lake

Alan finally got his “fish” way to go Alan and he also earned his trailblazer patch.

13th Mar2011
"Ivan's first and largest catch for Troop 824"

A Fun Day in Athens Texas

Ms. Hill and troop 824 joined with other scout groups from across Texas to experience a “fun day” and earn their patches for completing activities such as...

03rd Feb2011

A Unique Young Individual

There is a lot to be praised about the youth of today.  They have so many obstacles facing them in todays world.  It makes one wonder How...

09th Jan2011

Thanks to one of our “Own” high school seniors.

Thanks to one of Dolphin Heights High School Senior, we combined our English and Spanish classes as one.  The Angel family asked their daughter to challenge us...

01st Jan2011

Progress in Dolphin Heights Infrastructure

Lots of planning, reviewing and meetings with city council members our Mayor and Public works department street improvements began summer of 2010.  The residential streets are near...

01st Jan2011

A new edition to Dolphin Heights

Carpenters’ Point has become a reality in Dolphin Heights. The plans for this senior living facility was five years in the making. For it to become a...

23rd Dec2010

Dolphin Heights After-school Christmas 2010!!!

As Christmas Eve approaches, eyes are wide and searching to see if there is any meaning to the word “Santa Claus”. Children  that attend the after school...

17th Dec2010

Dolphin Heights After-school Christmas Break!!!

As the holidays approach and DISD closes for Christmas break so does our after-school classes.  But not without an early birthday celebration and letters to Santa. Great...

15th Nov2010


Dolphin Heights Community has a sustainable community garden that produced watermelon, cantaloupe, veggies and bumper crops of two varieties of eggplants, hot and mild peppers and herbs...

11th Nov2010

Dolphin Heights Street Toppers are up!

The City of Dallas completed installation of the street toppers within the area of Dolphin Heights.  These markers identify the boundaries of the community. This is the...